Not Built To Break

You ever wanna talk to someone about what you’re feeling/going through, and you run down your list of family & friends to find the one who you think will understand or objectively listen? And you find that person & pour your heart out and their response is the total opposite of anything you’d ever expect of them. And then you immediately regret telling them. And you shrink back into your shell and vow to never confide in anyone ever again because the fact of the matter is no one will ever truly understand? Yea, me currently.

A different spin on the ‘things you didn’t know about me’ Facebook craze

12 things you may or may not know about me that I wasn’t given, but I feel like contributing anyway. Judge not.

1. There are two things that I equally contribute as my biggest fears: a) dying alone in my apt & it take a minute before anyone realizes & b) that someone in my family or my circle passes away & I can’t get there (wherever ‘there’ is) to say goodbye.
2. I feel type guilty that I have stayed in NY so long. Although I’ve had an overall awesome time, I feel like I’m more needed in Texas & it breaks my heart that I can’t tear myself in 2.
3. I value every single person I call ‘friend’. That title got some weight to it when it comes out my mouth. Feel me?
4. I don’t feel like I have “daddy issues”, but I do feel like my issues with my father; coupled with the fact that I was with the same man from ages 18-28, have affected this so called ‘dating world’ that I find myself in.
5. Real is all I learned how to be. I had numerous great examples. All in different ways. All they I love unconditionally.
6. If I ever had the choice of sacrificing a living family member to bring one back from the grave…I could make that choice. With ease. Could you? Is it wrong that I feel that way?
7. Just being real.
8. I won a Jim Collins scholarship.
9. Lost it too. THE worst mistake I ever made was moving out of my mom’s crib at 18 & struggling unnecessarily. Smdh @ myself.
10. Cause if I hadn’t, Sallie Mae’s ass wouldn’t have her foot on my neck every month! Lol 😐
11. This was therapy for me without the couch & the high ass bill!
12. Thanks for reading…

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!






Quit playing games with my heart

Oh my gosh ♥.♥


Our Christian grey everyone


My new crush.

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Do you ever sit back & wonder just what the hell you did to life for her to be fucking you so hard with no k-y?


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this can’t be real life.

Who dis be?


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